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The Naples Football League is now in its' 21st year and is still the areas only Non-Profit, Full Contact, Non-Traveling youth football program in Collier County.

We ask no more than 3 days a week from our football families which include game days.  Three days a week involvement encourages more time for families, church and school work than the mandatory 4 days a week other programs demand.  We do not practice on Wednesdays ( unless practices are rained out) so church can still be a priority in many households. 

By signing no more than 30 players a team(which usually drops down to our desired level of 25 before games begin) we are able to avoid a player "draft" that makes both players and parents anxious.  It also allows us to teach one on one the skills and sportsmanship each player needs.  They often learn and play on both offense and defense. Three/ Fourths of our teams are coached by non-involved dads.  Yearly returning coaches whose sons have moved on to High School and College help eliminate the "Coach- Dad, Quarterback-Son" relationship which often slights other players as we've all seen happen.

We play locally at Golden Gate High School with a state of the art turf field, light and sound system, large handicap assessable bleachers, ample parking, game day security personnel and large clean restrooms.  Why travel for games when the price of gas can be an issue or where you're required to put your player on a bus, follow it to a game or leave your child in others' hands when we all know, a parent or guardian should be present in a sport such as this?

We also start our season later than other leagues. We dont start practice till the week after public school starts.  This leaves you able to take full advantage of your players scheduled summer vacations, keeps players out of the most oppressive part of the hot months, giving them more time to acclimate to the weather and gear.  This also helps your player settle down in school and attend the evening "Meet the Teacher" and gather special school items they will find they need. 

Our league has been a High School feeder program for the past 20 years as we practice and divide our 4 divisions into North Naples, Golden Gate City, East Naples, and Golden Gate Estates.  Many of our players have been highly rated for the High Schools, even providing "Winged Foot Athletic Winners"  We do not limit you to "Zone" playing either.  If you can get to a different practice area other than the one you live in, you are free to practice and play there if there is room on the team.

All of our teams are unlimited weights except common sense use on the older-lighter Pee Wee and Junior divisions.  Check our age and weight divisions on our website link. 

Why dont you come join us and hear your players name announce by the best informed announcer around.  Watch our 4 long-term, non-biased referees call plays with minimal disputes?  Enjoy our delicious concession that purchases quality foods from long time Naples vendor, Sturdivent's Food Purveyors.  Our concession prices are the lowest for quality you will find anywhere and our gate fees can't be beat.  We don't charge students in school or younger.  Adult fees are $4.00 per game.

Please leave us an email at our contact link with any questions or concerns you might have and we will respond as soon as possible.  Thank you and God Bless.




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